Sunday, July 29, 2018

An Army of One- Thousand Plus

     Very few people go through life without some type of struggle.  Sometimes the struggling can almost feel like a well placed pattern of dominos- continuously falling and feeling like there is no stopping until the very end.  When those who come from dysfunctional families of origin have decided to end communication with them for their own emotional health, the struggle can feel even more painful as you are isolated and alone while you maneuver through life finding those to call family who will respect and care for you.  A person may spend years without having another adult to truly confide in.  It is at this time you feel as if you are an army of one.  You feel like you are involved in a never ending battle and you are the only soldier against an enemy of immense power.  Darkness surrounds you constantly and on some if not most days it is a real struggle to hold onto to the light you have inside you. 
     Breathe, Wounded Spirit.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  The Divine has sent Angels to be with you and they are there, even if you can't feel them.  They are there, giving you their strength so you may carry on when it is humanly not possible to do so.  They are there, protecting you.   I know, you may be thinking, "They can't be. If they were, why would they allow this harm and evil to happen?" Angels cannot take away free will of others and sometimes good people suffer due to the actions of others.  Angels can however lessen the harm done.  I am a living testimony of that.  I have survived some horrific abuse and other situations that I should have not lived through.  Thanks to the Angels I am still here, sharing my light with the world.  
     The Angels are there, on the path of adversity right next to you.  Talk to them.  Allow them to be your confidants.  Allow them to continue to give you the strength you need to go on when you feel you have no more left.  Recognize they are there helping you and express your gratitude for them.  As you recognize them in your life, it will get easier to bare the burdens of your trials.  They will show you the people you need to have in your inner circle, they will show you your new family who will love and respect you.  As you recognize the Angels work in your life, you will realize you are no longer an army of one.  You will see that you are an army of one thousand plus too many more to count.  The Angels, you deceased loved ones, the Divine, those who you do or will call family- they are all part of your army and are all on your path, you need only recognize them and believe in those who are coming.  You will also recognize though it may have felt like it on too many days to count, you were never alone.  You have always had the Angels with you.  They are always around you and have always been around you. 
     My prayer is that those of you who are reading this are filled with hope and the knowledge that you are not alone.  May you always be able to hold onto your light. May you always feel the love of the Angels and the Divine for you.  In your times of darkness, may the Angels' light glow bright inside your soul allowing you to continue on your path.  May the Angels' light help you to call forth the Warrior Spirit that will allow you to continue moving forward as others stand back and say "I don't know how you do it."  May you take these words as a compliment as that is your light shining for others to see.  That is your light that is changing the world.  Your light is not only opening the eyes of others, but is giving hope to others who are in unfortunate situations and unsure there is a way out.  Sharing your light is your mission and YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  You are part of an army that numbers one thousand plus too many more to count. 
Love & light to all. 💙

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