Monday, November 20, 2017

November 2017 Newsletter

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As the Holidays approach, remember to be who you are and keep your boundaries.  Sometimes around the holidays we decide to “keep the peace” and then let our own values and morals be compromised as we let people stampede across our boundaries in the name of family, tradition, sometimes even in the name of love.  People who really love you will respect and honor your boundaries.  If someone starts to cross one of your boundaries, point it out to them.  If they respect you, they will stop.  If they don’t respect you, maybe you need to not have them in your life.  If you need help setting or keeping boundaries, contact me to make an appointment so we can work together on building more happiness & respect into your life.

     Message from the Angels

The Angels want you to know your prayers have been heard and are in the process of being answered.  They want you to stay optimistic so that your dreams can come true.  They want you to accept Divine help and remember to try not to force things too much.  Yes you need to work for your goal, but no, you need not worry and try to make every small detail work out in your way on your timing. The Angels say to keep what you want in the forefront of your mind and it will manifest quicker.  It is coming, just be patient and have faith.  

Crystal Corner

 Amazonite is usually a green or greenish blue stone with what looks like veins going through it. Amazonite is great for calming the mind, and alleviating worry and fear so it makes a great worry stone. You can also focus on the veins in the stone to temporarily carry you away from your stress and allow yourself to get lost in the calmness of the stone. Amazonite is also good for helping you set & maintain healthy boundaries.  It is beneficial for osteoporosis and calcium deficiencies
and can relieve muscle spasms.

Upcoming Events

Merry Marketspace in the Park
Kiddie Keep Well Camp
35 Roosevelt Drive
Edison NJ
Sunday, November 26th 10 AM -3 PM

Psychic, Health, and Wellness Expo
South Jersey Performing Arts
10 Webster Avenue
Stratford, NJ

Sunday, December 10th 11 AM - 5 PM