Wednesday, July 17, 2019

July 2019 Newsletter

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Message from the Angels
The Angels want you to know you are capable of calling in miracles for yourself. They want you to know as you ask God, the Angels, your spirit guides, and your deceased loved ones for assistance, it will be granted. All of these Divine beings are waiting to help you, but you have to ask in faith for it to happen. You have to take the first step by asking for help and believing that miracles can and will happen in order for you to see them unfold before you.
If you are having a hard time believing miracles can happen for you, look and acknowledge the miracle you are. Your body knows how to process oxygen, move your blood throughout your body, process your food, and a multitude of other things you never have to think about doing. If that isn't miraculous, what is? If your body can do all those things and more without you thinking about it, what is stopping it from creating other miracles in your life? Only disbelief, so change your belief and prepare for the miracles you desire and deserve!

Crystal Corner
Sodalite is dark blue in color.  Sodalite is a great communication crystal as it opens up your throat chakra.  It assists you in standing up for your beliefs and staying true to yourself. When used in a group setting, it can help instill trust and harmony while encouraging interdependence.  Sodalite can eliminate mental confusion, help calm the mind, and ease panic attacks. It can also assist in reducing fevers, throat/vocal cord issues, and can help lower blood pressure. 

Upcoming Events & New things

I am available for readings and coaching online, by phone, video chat, and in person at my office or at events.

Psychic Night at A Taste Of Philly
Friday, July 19th from 6 PM- 9 PM
A Taste of Philly Ice Cream Parlor & Coffee Shop
669 Grove Road
West Deptford, NJ 08086

7 Day Self Care Transformation Program
A program in which you will get a daily email for 6 days where we will dive into various aspects of self care and your strengths and weakness in each area, a coaching appointment where we will identify your self care obstacles and make a plan to help you overcome them, and then we will also have a 2 week follow up mini session to check your  progress and adjust your program if necessary. Only $50!!!