Wednesday, July 17, 2019

July 2019 Newsletter

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Message from the Angels
The Angels want you to know you are capable of calling in miracles for yourself. They want you to know as you ask God, the Angels, your spirit guides, and your deceased loved ones for assistance, it will be granted. All of these Divine beings are waiting to help you, but you have to ask in faith for it to happen. You have to take the first step by asking for help and believing that miracles can and will happen in order for you to see them unfold before you.
If you are having a hard time believing miracles can happen for you, look and acknowledge the miracle you are. Your body knows how to process oxygen, move your blood throughout your body, process your food, and a multitude of other things you never have to think about doing. If that isn't miraculous, what is? If your body can do all those things and more without you thinking about it, what is stopping it from creating other miracles in your life? Only disbelief, so change your belief and prepare for the miracles you desire and deserve!

Crystal Corner
Sodalite is dark blue in color.  Sodalite is a great communication crystal as it opens up your throat chakra.  It assists you in standing up for your beliefs and staying true to yourself. When used in a group setting, it can help instill trust and harmony while encouraging interdependence.  Sodalite can eliminate mental confusion, help calm the mind, and ease panic attacks. It can also assist in reducing fevers, throat/vocal cord issues, and can help lower blood pressure. 

Upcoming Events & New things

I am available for readings and coaching online, by phone, video chat, and in person at my office or at events.

Psychic Night at A Taste Of Philly
Friday, July 19th from 6 PM- 9 PM
A Taste of Philly Ice Cream Parlor & Coffee Shop
669 Grove Road
West Deptford, NJ 08086

7 Day Self Care Transformation Program
A program in which you will get a daily email for 6 days where we will dive into various aspects of self care and your strengths and weakness in each area, a coaching appointment where we will identify your self care obstacles and make a plan to help you overcome them, and then we will also have a 2 week follow up mini session to check your  progress and adjust your program if necessary. Only $50!!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Tears and What They Really Mean

     Life can be overwhelming at times.  Family stress, work stress, financial stress all can take their toll. Sometimes when the pressure builds too much, we may feel like we want to scream. Sometime we feel like we want to cry or may even cry. 
    Most of us have been led to believe that crying is a form of weakness. When the tears flow, we may tell ourselves to stop crying or even reiterate to ourselves that crying is a sign of weakness.  
     If we are able to hold the tears back through the big trials, we may think we are weak, stupid, or crazy when the tears come when something which we believe should be insignificant forces the tears out. I believe in the adage, "There's no sense crying over spilled milk;" however, I also know most of the time the tears that come when milk is spilled isn't about the milk at all. It's usually about something bigger or even multiple larger things that you have been trying to handle. The something bigger may be things going on in your life currently, it may be from unresolved trauma, or it may be a combination of both.
     Some people only cry when the big trials come. There are other people whose tears come either for the small things or for multiple things. My point is no matter when the tears come, tears are NOT a sign of weakness, being crazy, stupid, or incapable of handling things. I am a firm believer of the quote, "tears are a sign of being too strong for too long."  So when you find yourself in tears, evaluate the situation and see if there is anything that needs to be addressed and address it if needed. Sometimes life hands us a lot to deal with and we just need to cry and that's okay.
     Remember: even Superheroes cry sometimes. :) Tears are not about weakness, but about releasing emotions that need to be released. Usually releasing the tears alleviates the pressure cooker feeling, so allow your release valve to open so you can have less stress and more peace. Don't worry about being strong for another person or how you think someone may perceive your behavior; just allow yourself to feel and express your emotions as they come, whatever and whenever they may be. 
Love & Light,
Margaret Phillips

April 2019 Newsletter

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Spring has sprung and the blossoming flowers remind us that a new season is upon us. Time passes and one season folds into another, just as the days fold into weeks which fold into months and years. This change of seasons may find you thinking about aging. Some people think about aging in a negative way. The best way to think about aging is to acknowledge the beauty of the aging process. The years of experience you have (and will have) came from what was probably at times difficult learning experiences. It is the learning experiences that have made you wise, and others will seek your wisdom as they need help.  When you hold positive thoughts about the aging process, you may glow with inner peace and wisdom. You may also feel younger than your chronological age and you will be more comfortable with yourself.

Message from the Angels
The Angels want you to know it’s time to leave an unhealthy situation. This situation will vary because there
are multiple people who will read this. For some of you, it means an unhealthy romantic relationship. For others, it means an unhealthy family relationship or friendship. And for some of you, it is time to start a new job with a work environment that is not toxic.
You have been praying about it, whether in an official prayer or just your thoughts and wonderings, and the Angels say the answer is to remove yourself from the situation as soon as possible. They say continue to pray and they will give you the strength you need to put the fear behind you. Make a plan to remove yourself from the unhealthy situation and then take action. Be prepared (if possible) for the speed bumps that may occur along the way, but don’t let the fear of “what if” keep you from leaving.
The Angels want you to know you are loved and supported by them, and all will be well as you change your situation. The Angels say you are too precious to stay in the toxic,unhealthy environment any longer and they want to bless you with peace. If you need extra courage, you can call on Archangel Michael for help.

If you are a victim of domestic violence, please contact a domestic violence hotline for help.
If you are in the US, call 1-800-799-7233 for the Domestic VIolence Hotline
If you are in the UK, call 0808-2000-247 for the National Domestic Violence Helpline

Crystal Corner
Rose quartz is a dusty pink in color. Rose quartz is good for attracting love of others and self-love. It can assist in restoring harmony in existing relationships. It also can enhance positive affirmations. Because it attracts self love, it is good to boost your self-esteem. You can carry rose quartz in your pocket, put it in your living room and/or bedroom, or even wear it in jewelry to help attract love to you from yourself and others.

Upcoming Events

I am available for readings online, by phone, video chat, and in person at my office or at events.

Psychic Night at A Taste Of Philly
Friday, May 3rd from 6 PM- 9 PM
A Taste of Philly Ice Cream Parlor & Coffee Shop
669 Grove Road
West Deptford, NJ 08086

Monday, February 18, 2019

All Will Be Well

     "All will be well" is a comforting phrase that basically says you are putting your trust and faith in a Higher Power (whatever you choose to call Him/Her/It) that everything will work out, even without you knowing the details of how it will work out. This does not mean the road will be easy, but it does mean you can get through whatever comes your way. It means you acknowledge your strength, resiliency, and your own faith. It means you believe you deserve good things and they will come to you when the time is right.
     If you are struggling and you feel like all will NEVER be well, stop and breathe. God did not bring you this far to drop you. There are things going on behind the scenes you are unaware of. Breathe, pray/meditate, and TRUST. Take it one moment at a time if you need to. That moment can be as small or large as it needs to be. You define the length of the moment.
     You can make it through this moment, just as you have made it through many other moments, and you will make it through many more moments. Savor the joy and happiness when it comes and remember those positive feelings in the tough times. It may take some time and it may be difficult, but all will be well.
Love & Light,
Margaret Phillips

Friday, February 15, 2019

February Newsletter

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     Too often the pressures of life can make us feel like we have to make a decision right now/in a short amount of time. When we feel like we have tried multiple solutions and multiple avenues to solutions, but still don't feel we have the right answer, this is when the Angels are saying "Stop!" 
    Sometimes we feel like we are bombarded with information and maybe we are, but we still don't have the right information yet.  Usually it's a lack of having the right information that causes our confusion and indecisiveness. When this happens, rather than researching and getting even more unnecessary information, just stop and ask the Angels to put the right information in front of you and guide you to the right way.  They are anxiously waiting to help, but need you to ask.  Once you ask, be still and wait. Your answers will come.

Message from the Angels

The Angels want you to trust your intuition more often. They say you have been ignoring it and them when they try to tell you things are not the way they should be. They say to trust your intuition and their guidance as you go through this period of change and transition and all will be well. Lean on those you consider to be trustworthy friends during this time as well.  The Angels say the key words here are trustworthy friends, as you do have some wolves in sheep's clothing in your circle. Again, listen to your intuition when deciding who is trustworthy.  As you listen to and follow your intuition more, your transition will flow easier. 

Crystal Corner

Bloodstone is a great for purifying the blood, regulating blood flow, aids in circulation, and increases energy. It is an excellent grounding and protection stone and heightens intuition. It can reduce irritability and aggressiveness.

Did you know?

     I have a Facebook group called Angels Of Light.  Members of this group get a weekly in depth general card reading, channeled daily mantras or affirmations, Angel information, crystal information, Spirit Animal information, and other information to help you on your journey, as well as early bird opportunities for promotions and other goodies.  The members of this group are awesome people and very supportive of one another, so it gives you a place to share your triumphs and ask for support when needed as well.  For an annual energy exchange of only $20, you can be part of this awesome group! Go to Facebook and put "Angels of Light"in the search bar and click on "request to join". You will be prompted to enter your email address so an invoice can be sent to you for the energy exchange.

Upcoming Events

I am available for readings online, by phone, video chat, and in person at my office or at events.

In Person Readings at Events:

Tuesday, March 5th from 6 PM - 9 PM
Sip 'N shop with Psychics
The Mile Pub
212 N. Black Horse Pike Runnemede, NJ

Sunday, March 10th 10 AM - 6 PM
Psychic & Healing Expo
Holiday Inn
2175 Marlton Road West (Route 70) Cherry HIll, NJ 

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

February & March 2019 Events

Upcoming Events
I am available for readings online, by phone, video chat, and in person at my office or at events.

In Person Readings at Events:

Wednesday, February 13th from 6 PM -9 PM
Sip ' n Shop with Psychics
Death of a Fox Brewery
119 Berkley Road Clarksboro, NJ

Tuesday, March 5th from 6 PM - 9 PM
Sip "n Shop with Psychics
The Mile Pub
212 N. Black Horse Pike Runnemede, NJ

Sunday, March 10th 10 AM - 6 PM
Psychic & Healing Expo
Holiday Inn
2175 Marlton Road West (Route 70) Cherry HIll, NJ

Make Your Days Count

     The quote "Don't count the days, make the days count" is a good one to ponder and try to apply to your life.  No one knows how long they have in this life, so it's important to make the days count.

     As a psychic medium, I frequently relay apologetic, regretful messages from lossed loved ones.  The most frequent regrets I hear from the deceased are not spending enough time with loved ones, being emotionally unavailable, being too judgemental and/or too stubborn, and not helping others enough.

     While we each have our own mission in this life, we all share a common thread: we are supposed to help others.  Some people have a larger public mission to help others like Mother Teresa.  Some have larger missions to help others but they are more hidden behind the scenes like doctors, counselors, teachers, and relief workers who don't make the news.  Others are even more hidden and may not even realize themselves how much they are helping others.  These are the people who are helpful neighbors/ people who help others near them.  These are the people who help someone struggling with their groceries, help someone learn something, or just take care of someone's pet while they are out of town or ill. 

     Most of the time, these hidden helpers label their actions as "being nice" or "doing what people do", yet a lot of times this type of mentality almosts seems lost in today's society.  We need to get back to the mindset of helping others as "what people do", not something extra that only some people do sometimes.  

     As parents or caretakers, we frequently make the days count by providing what the child, parent, loved one, or patient needs.  This can also be a behind-the-scenes job of helping others as it is often associated with "coming with the territory" and not necessarily thought of as helping others, even though it is usually a large task of helping someone.

     With all that said, are you making the days count?  When you lay your head on the pillow at night, can you close your eyes  confident your loved ones know you love them? Not the "I'm their parent so of course they know I love them," but the "I expressed my love for them today" type of confidence.  Can you keep your eyes closed knowing you did something, no matter how big or small, to help make someone's day better today? If you can do this, then you are making the days count!

Love & Light,
Margaret Phillips