Thursday, July 26, 2018

Full Moon Releasing & Finding Peace

     Tomorrow is another full moon and an eclipse as well. Many of us have felt the energy shift related to this event.  You may be tired, cranky, or even energized.  Allow your body to flow with the rhythm of the moon however it chooses.  If you are a person energized by the full moon, capitalize on that to get some projects finished.  If the full moon makes you tired and cranky, don't fight the negative emotions and don't try to over control them.  The more you release control and the more you allow yourself to just be, the happier and more content you will be.  Yes, even those of you who get tired and cranky during full moons can find peace.  Breathe.  Know this is just a moment and it shall pass.  Focus on happiness.  Focus on your blessings. Everyone has something to be thankful for, even if it's something as basic as the gift of life itself.  Even the crankiest person can take a moment to find and experience joy.  You just have to allow yourself to do so.  After experiencing this moment of joy, wish someone you are having a conflict with peace.  This will give you peace and help you release the negative emotions attached to the conflict.
     If you wish to do a small ceremony to release the things that no longer serve you, the full moon is a great time to do that.  It can be as simple as writing down the things, situations or people that no longer serve you/are for your greatest good.  Say or think "I release all things that no longer serve me" or something similar.  Think of your list or read it if you wrote it down.  If you like, you can burn the list or a piece of paper representing the list under the full moon.  Then say or think something such as "I thank you for all the blessings I now accept into my life."  This is a very basic releasing ceremony that works well for almost any situation.  If you need to go into detail for your own healing, you can do so as long as you don't spend a large chunk of time reciting the hurtful things. The point is to release and move on, not dwell on the harm.  The important thing whenever you do any type of ceremony or prayer is that it feels right and authentic to you.   
     For those of you who have a deep hurt or betrayal, my heart and prayers go out to you.  I pray you are able to heal from the injustice and harm that was done to you. I pray the Angels continue to provide you with strength and healing.  I also am going to provide you with a prayer/words of healing release you can use for the deeper wounds that seem to somehow always cut you.  You can do this separately or as part of the ceremony described above.  Think of the person or persons who have harmed you so deeply you feel as if you may never heal.  Think briefly about the situation.  Ask Archangel Raphael to come to you, and visualize him standing next to you.  Say the following or something similar as you look up toward the full moon (or up toward the sky if the moon isn't visible from where you are):
                        "Archangel Raphael, I ask that you combine your healing powers with the power of the full moon and release and heal this situation.  I give this to you as I release the unfairness and ill will that was done to me.  I release the anger and almost hate (or hate or whatever negative emotion you truly feel) I feel for ______ (insert one person's name here)." Visualize handing Archangel Raphael the situation in a bubble and him taking it up to the full moon until it disappears.  "Through you and your Divine power, I send them love, knowing it will heal them as well as me. Thank you."  Do this for each person there is a deep hurt with.  This particular healing release works better when done one person at a time.  You can do them in succession, all on the same night, or you can do a different one on each full moon.  The choice is yours.
     To send love to someone who has scarred you so deeply will challenge you, but I promise you and know by experience, when you send them love in order to heal them, not just yourself, it does bring you peace. For some, the peace will come right away.  For others, it may take time.  You may not even think about it for a long time and then one day realize while you don't condone what has happened, it no longer cuts you to the core. 
Love & Angel blessings to all who read this. 💚

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