Tuesday, July 18, 2017

July 2017 Newsletter

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July is the middle of summer vacation for most schools in the United States.  Most people think of vacationing with family, days at the beach, and other scenic places and getaways as well as the kids being home from school.  While the kids are home and thoughts turn to “What are we going to do?”, remember to make time for yourself.  Sometimes vacations or getaways are great.  Sometimes they end up being more stressful than staying home.  No matter how you choose to spend your summer, remember to take time for yourself.  Remember while getaways are good, it doesn’t count as time for yourself if you have wall to wall family the entire time while you are away.  Time for yourself is just that, “me time”/ time when you do something you enjoy for yourself and by yourself.  Time for yourself is also NOT selfish.  This is a common misconception.  You can’t fill a glass from an empty pitcher and with no time for yourself, you pitcher is guaranteed to become empty at some point.  Tell the voices in your head and possibly those around you to be quiet and do something for yourself without guilt.

Message from the Angels

The Angels want to remind you to use the Law of attraction to work for you.  Think and feel positive outcomes for situations, instead of focusing on the negative.    For example, instead of thinking “How am I go to pay all of my bills?”, think and feel “I have sufficient funds for my needs and more.”  A slight mindset and wording change can make a huge difference.  They also want you to know they are with you through each phase of your life, guiding and protecting you, so you need not worry.  Everything will work out according to Divine timing, if you only think positively, take action when needed, and allow things to unfold.  When you release your worries to the Angels, they hear you and go to work to make the best possible outcome occur for you.

   Crystal Corner
unakite.jpg  Unakite is green and orangish/pink.  It is great for balancing emotions with spirituality.  It helps you see past your emotions and get the more more spiritual reason beyond the situation that is causing inner conflict.  It's a good stone for meditation and opening the third eye.  It helps with recovery from a major illness, assists with making a pregnancy healthy, and can help with weight gain.  

Upcoming Events
In Person Readings
Friday. July 21st  7 PM - 10 PM & Friday August 18th 7 PM - 10 PM
Aloft Hotel Lobby
558 Fellowship Road

Mount Laurel, NJ 08054