Wednesday, July 18, 2018

July 2018 Newsletter

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If you can be self-disciplined enough, a worry box can help with anxiety.  If you have a worry, especially a recurring one, use the worry box method to relieve some of the anxiety.  Designate a time out of your day specifically for thinking about your worry.  Set a timer for 10 minutes and use this time to think about the worry.  When the timer goes off, you worry time is done for the day. Put the worry in a physical box or a box in your mind's eye.  You can't spend time thinking about this worry until your designated worry time, which is in 24 hours.  If the worry comes to your mind, just put it back into the box and go one about your day, telling yourself "it's not time to think about that now."  This can be very challenging, especially at first, but you will find it gets easier the more you do it and some days you may even find you don't need to take the worry out of the box at all.  If you need more tips or help managing your anxiety, please reach out to me so we can reduce your anxiety and increase your happiness!     

Message from the Angels
The Angels want you to know you are protected from all types of harm.  Have faith and trust they are always watching over you.  The Angels say you are struggling with a decision.  To help with this decision, take a deep breathe and a step back.  Spending time in nature will help you to know the right choice to make as it will help you to hear their guidance better.  As you listen to the Angels & your intuition, you will be protected and feel their love as you enter this new cycle in your life.  Happiness can and will be yours if you trust, believe, listen, and follow through with actions.

Crystal Corner

Most Labradorite is a gray or black color with blue or gold flashes to it and is not transparent.  There is also Yellow Labradorite which is less common and transparent. Labradorite raises consciousness, deflects unwanted energies from the aura, and is a good grounding stone.  It helps strengthen your belief in yourself, removes fears from this life life or past lives, and calms the mind while bringing new ideas. Labradorite is a good stone to have if you are going through a change as it will give you added strength and perseverance.  It is good for treating eye disorders & colds, lowers blood pressure, and balances hormones & relieves menstrual tension.

Information You May Not Know
I have a Facebook group called Angels Of Light.  Members of this group get a weekly in depth general card reading, daily mantras or affirmations, Angel information, crystal information, and other information to help you on your journey, as well as early bird opportunities for promotions and other goodies.  The members of this group are awesome people and very supportive of one another, so it gives you a place to share your triumphs and ask for support when needed as well.  For an annual energy exchange of only $20, you can be part of this awesome group! Go to Facebook and put "Angels of Light"in the search bar and click on "request to join". You will be prompted to enter your email address so an invoice can be sent to you for the energy exchange.

Upcoming Events
I am available for readings online, by phone, video chat, and in person at my office or at events.

In Person Readings at Events:

Sip 'n Shop with Psychics
Death of the Fox Brewing Company
Thursday, August 19th from 6 PM - 9 PM
119 Berkley Road
Clarksboro, NJ

Woodbridge Psychic Fair
Saturday, August 18th from 11 AM - 5 PM
The Club at Woodbridge
585 Main Street
Woodbridge, NJ

Afternoon of Healings & Readings with Eileen Toth & Margaret Phillips
Sunday, August 26th 19th from 1 PM- 5 PM
Sei Jun Kan Okinawan Karate Studio
201 Kresson Gibbsboro Road
Voorhees, NJ
Call (856)449-9099 to schedule a reading or tuning fork healing for this event

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