Tuesday, April 28, 2020

April 2020 Newsletter

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During this time of uncertainty, allow yourself to do what feels good to your soul. If you feel like you need to take a day and do nothing, then do nothing for a day. If you feel now is a good time to learn something new, then take an online class and learn. If you feel there is a hobby you want to try or do again, then do that. If your soul says you need to read every day, go for it! Sometimes upheavals in our "normal" routine are required to get us to take a step back and re-evaluate where we are and where we want to be going in life. Use this time as a chance to get in touch with your soul and move forward with your life.

Message from the Angels
The Angels want you to take this time to take action. They want you to be aware of the many options you have in front of you and weigh them carefully. As you weigh all your options, go within and discover the truth and admit it to yourself. Face your feelings, accept them, being mindful to not criticize yourself, and move forward.  Be mindful of possible negative outcomes related to each choice so that you may make a good decision, but once you have made your decision, release the possible negatives to the Universe, focusing only on the positive so that you may be blessed with only positive outcomes from your decision. Let go of any fear you may have and embrace hope for good things to come to you.

Crystal Corner

Shungite is  a carbon based mineral that is a good protection stone.  It protects us against electromagnetic fields (from electronics), can boost and strengthen the immune system protecting us from viruses and other illnesses, and can also protect us from negative energy of all kinds. Shungite can assist in healing emotional, physical, and spiritual wounds. Shungite assists in balancing emotions, removing negative thoughts, increasing -+, raising vibration, and normalizing sleep. Shungite can also enhance metaphysical abilities, assist in evolving spiritually, and clear and balance the aura and chakras.

Additional Information:
In case you didn't see it, here is my blog post written earlier this month
about children born during the pandemic:

Upcoming Events
I am available for readings by phone, video chat, and email.

Below is a list of my upcoming online classes:

Healing with the Angels: How to Remove Psychic Debris & Cut Etheric Cords
Wednesday, June 3rd at 7 PM
In this class, I will teach you how to remove psychic debris from yourself and others as well as how to cut etheric (energy) cords from yourself and others. No prior energy healing knowledge required.
To register for this class, call or text (856)-449-9099.
The cost of this class is $30.

Angels 101 Class
Wednesday, July 15th at 7 PM
In this class, I will give you basic yet in depth information about Angels and how to communicate and work with them.

This class will also discuss Angels and Archangels including who they are & what they do as well as the signs the Angels give us.
To register for this class, call or text (856)-449-9099.
The cost of this class is $60.

Manifesting Your Desires Class
Wednesday, August 12th at 7 PM
This class will cover a manifestation technique that actually works along with some things people do to interfere with the manifestation process, so you don't block the progress by doing them. To register for this class, call or text (856)-449-9099.
The cost of this class is $30.

All classes are online and can be pre-paid by an invoice I send
to your email for the class(es) you choose.

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Children of the Light

     I wanted to write this post to share information I was given by Spirit. I was told that there is a new generation of Spiritual Warriors who are being born currently and will continue to be born during the pandemic and for 2 years after the pandemic ends. While this doesn't refer to every child born during this time, it refers to a large number of them. If you have heard of Indigo Children, Crystal Children, or Rainbow Children, these children are similar to them. I was told these children are to be called, "Children of the Light." 

     There may be a few Biblical or other Spiritual texts that refer to "children of the light," but I was told to inform people that these children and their characteristics go far beyond anything that may have been previously mentioned in any text and are not affiliated with any specific religion. While we are all children of the Creator, most of those who are born during the pandemic and the 2 years after the pandemic ends will have more light to them than any other children to come to the earth so far and therefore will have the potential to be the strongest lightworkers/healers on the planet. 

     Children of the Light have a mission is of hope and change for a better world. Their mission is about the light they will bring into the world and how they will help to change, unite, and heal the world. I was told these children are to be "beacons of light" for all of us. These children are being born during a time where there is unrest, confusion, and fear around the world. These children will be the miracles born during a time of countless deaths. Their light will remind us all that good things are coming and that the light is always there, even when we may not be able to see it firsthand. Their light will remind us to work together for the good of all people, and not be self-absorbed. 

     Children of the Light have/will have extremely heightened telepathic communication abilities, far greater than most children who have been born up until this time. They will have the ability to communicate telepathically very well with other Children of the Light, even if they are not related to them or if it is their first time meeting one another. In the case of twins or other multiple birth situations, the telepathic bond between the multiple birth siblings will be greater than ever heard of or imagined. So while there has been information about the telepathic bond between twins, their bond will be countless times stronger. Children of the Light will also be able to communicate well telepathically with those who have psychic gifts. For some, they will open up the other person's mind to their psychic abilities for the first time. For others who are already in touch with their psychic gifts, they will be able to communicate very well with them, even while in the womb. Some who are in touch with their psychic gifts will be blessed to be able to see glimpses of the Spirit World and the planning going on there through the eyes of the Children of the Light who are waiting to be born. 

     Children of the Light will be natural healers, and will heal others many times without even knowing it by their loving, supportive presence (even as children this will come through, though it may not be obvious to those around them.) They will also heal others by their words and example. Children of the Light will be strong willed and will always have the spirit and fight inside them to get back up even when they have been knocked down, provided their abilities and self-esteem are not squashed by those around them. Children of the Light will also be great energy healers and use that gift as well as their gifts of words and comforting presence. 

     Like Indigo, Rainbow, and Crystal Children, Children of the Light will find it difficult to function well in rigidly structured settings. They have a mission and while they may not be able to put it into words, especially when they are young, it is so deeply embedded into their soul that the over rigidity of a structured setting will get in their way and this will cause emotional waves throughout the family or classroom. When asked why they are upset, they may only be able to answer with something such as "it's not right", but not be able to be more specific. These children will be the ones to stand up for the loners or others who are being belittled, no matter what the age of that person is. Children of the Light are being sent to heal and unite the world and to give us all hope in a dark time. Let's welcome and celebrate these miracles as they come to us. This is a time they are needed. 

Love & Light,
Margaret Phillips