Monday, April 17, 2017

April 2017 Newsletter Angels Always Around Us

Spring is here!  When we think of Spring, we think of rebirth, fertility, and positive changes.  Allow yourself to take some time and reflect on any changes you may want to make in your life at this moment. Spring is a great time to make positive changes in your life and the added sunshine and bright colors of nature may give you the inspiration you need to continue when the change becomes difficult to continue.  Remember that in order for something to grow, it needs to be nurtured.  Take time to nurture yourself.

If you would like additional guidance through an Angel Card Reading or mediumship session, an energy healing to release blockages that are preventing you from changing, or coaching to achieve your new goals, I can help!  I do various types of energy healings and have multiple life coaching programs that I customize so we can help you in the most beneficial way. Go to my website to get more information or to contact me for an appointment:

Message from the Angels

The Angels are telling you to trust in the Divine Plan.  Things are unfolding as they need to despite the frustrating circumstances you have been encountering.  The Angels want you to know great things are on their way, you need just be patient a while longer.  You have blessings of abundance beyond your imagination coming, so keep that in mind when you are discouraged.  The Angels will not let you fall, they have their loving arms and wings wrapped around you, even though you may not always feel it.  If you need to feel their love more, just ask them to let you know and feel they are there and look for the signs.  

Crystal Corner

Amethyst is a lavender to purple crystal which is great for healing emotional, physical, and spiritual wounds. It supports sobriety by decreasing or preventing overindulgence of foods, alcohol, and passions. If you are making a life change involving overindulgence, keep amethyst with you.  It strengthens the immune system, reduces bruising and inflammation, and can ease insomnia. It can help guard against psychic attack and can enhance spiritual awareness.

Upcoming Events

NJ Paraunity Expo
Saturday, May 13, 2017   11AM- 6 PM
Woodbridge High School  Woodbridge, NJ
For more information about the NJ Paraunity expo, go to: