Saturday, October 20, 2018

October 2018 Newsletter

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Sometimes people think "I will never be as confident as ___".  Would you like to know the secret of having confidence in yourself?   Set a goal and take a small step towards that goal.  Congratulate yourself for doing it- no negative judgement allowed here, just an acknowledgement of joy for taking the first step and more acknowledgement if you did it well.  As you congratulate yourself, you will feel better, be more confident (even if only a little bit), and feel motivated to keep moving forward.  As you continue taking small steps to move forward and congratulate yourself , you and others will find yourself as more confident the more you do this.  You will look back several months and years later and realize how much you have grown!

Message from the Angels
The Angels want you to know that they have heard you prayers.  They want you to think of them as your partners to help you achieve what you need and desire.  As you look at them as partners and are open to receiving their assistance, everything will fall into place and your prayers will be answered.  As you keep moving forward and expecting miracles to happen, they will happen and you will be blessed. Remember to thank your Angelic partners for their help along the way and show extra gratitude when your desires are materializing and have materialized.  Some people may feel threatened by your sudden good fortune/blessings, but remember you deserve them because you sought for Divine help to accompany your hard work. Do not allow the attitudes of others affect your attitude at this time and do not listen to those who will tell you "that's never going to happen" or you can repel what  you want.

Crystal Corner
Angelite is a blue and white stone, though the white is sometimes less visible unless you look up close like in this picture.  Angelite is great from increasing communication with the Angelic realm. It is a calming stone and can reduce fear and anxiety. It can also help shield you from negative energies.

Information You May Not Know
I have a free Facebook group called Angelic Inspiration & Guidance.  In this group I do daily affirmations and inspirational messages, as well as other uplifting things.  This group allows members of the group to post inspirational quotes and things including artwork, poetry, etc. and ask for prayers when they need them.  This group is a nonjudgmental zone and has members from various spiritual paths and religions in it.

Upcoming Events
I am available for readings online, by phone, video chat, and in person at my office or at events.

In Person Readings at Events:

Private Readings at a Psychic Dinner
Wednesday, October 24th 5:30 PM - 9:30 PM
Beneficial Bank
1901 Route 70 E. Cherry HIll, NJ
Hosted by Franks & Beans Events
Here is link address for youto get a ticket:

Sip 'N Shop with Psychics 
Thursday, October 25th from 5PM - 8 PM
White Horse Winery
106 Hall Street 
Hammonton, NJ

Halloween Treat Night at A Taste Of Philly
Monday, October 29th from 6PM- 9PM
A Taste of Philly Ice Cream Parlor & Coffee Shop
669 Grove Road
West Deptford, NJ 08086


Healing with the Angels: How to Remove Negative Psychic Debris 
& How to Cut Etheric Cords Online Class
November 3rd at 7 PM on Facebook Live
This class is $25 payable through a paypal invoice before the class
Contact me at (856)449-9099 for more details or see my facebook page for this event:

Check out the Monthly Events Blog Posts to see where I will be each month!

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