Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Be Your Own Body & Spirit Guard

     Unfortunately in life, there are some people who are happy when they see others fail.  Because of their own issues, they feel what they think is happy when they see someone make mistakes or fail in their endeavors.  These types of people are usually gossipers who say bad things about others.  They also act different behind your back and try to drive wedges between you and others who may help you succeed.  It is important that you are mindful of who you allow in your circle and mindful of who you spend your time with.  Yes, there may be times when due to work commitments, you have no other choice but share physical space with someone like this.  At these times, be cordial to the other person, but do not let them into your inner circle.  Keep topics of conversations light even when discussing things with people in your circle at work situations where there is someone who may not have your best interests in mind.  Save the heavier topics for when you are in a safe space.  Those who truly have your back will understand when you say you don't want to discuss it now, but would appreciate their input at a later time.
     Stand up for you.  Create healthy boundaries and don't allow the naysayer to cross those boundaries.  If they bring up or try to pry into an off limits topic, just say something like "I don't want to discuss that at this time." It is your job to be the bodyguard of your body, mind, and spirit.  You must discern who has your best interests at heart,  who does not really care one way or another, and who would like to see you make mistakes or fail.  When you are able to discern who has your best interest at heart, you will know who to have in your inner circle and by keeping others out, you will be guarding your body, mind, and spirit.
     Don't let another's negative thoughts take up space in your head.  As you are on your path to success, you may encounter people who will say things like "How do expect to make that happen?" or "That's never going to happen for you".  Dismiss their statements and move forward knowing you are doing what you have been Divinely guided to do.  It is not important anyone but you and the Divine understand the why's and how's of your purpose. You don't even need to understand all the hows and whys, just put in the hard work, follow the Divine guidance along your path, and keep moving forward.  God will fill in the details along the way.  Keep guarding your body, mind, and spirit, and all will be well.
Love & Light,
Margaret Phillips

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