Thursday, August 30, 2018

Take Off You Mask

     A lot of people walk around wearing invisible masks that hide who they truly are.  Are you wearing a mask?  Some people say things like "I need to be this way at work or I won't be accepted/respected/appreciated there" or "I have to act that way around my family because they wouldn't accept this part of my life", or even "If I don't hide this part of my personality, I won't have any friends." A true friend will be drawn to you because of your honesty about who you are.  While a true friend may kindly point it out if you are starting to go down a road that could lead to a negative outcome, they will not criticize you for being you.  Good or bad decision, they will be there by your side during and at the end of every road.  Too often we think because someone is a blood relative we have to change our behavior(s) to where we can be accepted.  We need to erase this philosophy from our minds.  Family or friends, if they can't accept EVERY part of you for who you truly are, they need not be in your inner circle. When you are being a chameleon and changing or appearing to change your thoughts and beliefs to fit in with someone or a group of people, you drain your own energy.  When you are going against what your soul knows and believes, it's an uphill race and the only prize is that of fake support. 
     When it comes to wearing a mask at work, may I suggest if you can't be who you really are at work, maybe you are not in the job you are supposed to be in.  I realize the thought of working somewhere else especially if you have been at your current job a long time or don't have much work experience can be very frightening.  Growth occurs outside our comfort zone and if we choose to stay somewhere where we can't be ourselves, there is definitely no growth going on there.  Also keep in mind that if you are doing your life purpose for work, God will not drop you. You will be fully supported as long as you do what you have been assigned to do, put the action and work into it,  and leave the mask behind and be your true self.  So if you are wearing a mask to be accepted by someone or a group of people, take it off and throw it away! Be you, shine like the star you are (yes even if you don't feel like you are shining, trust me you are someone else's light in the darkness), and throw the mask away forever. 
Love & Light,
Margaret Phillips

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