Tuesday, August 14, 2018

August 2018 Newsletter

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Do things in your own time, not a time specified by society, family, or friends.  We each have our own path to walk and the path is smoother if we follow Divine guidance rather than rushing things because someone says we should choose a career path, get married, have a baby, etc by a specific age.  When we listen to our intuition, follow Spirit, and allow Divine timing to work instead of trying to force a timeline to meet someone else's standards, life is a lot easier to handle and we are happier.  Be you and honor the timeline the Divine has for you, not society's timeline.

Message from the Angels
The angels want you to take some time to be more self aware.  As you continue on this next part of your journey, they want you to make sure you are taking time to be outside, especially by bodies of water to recharge your batteries. As you are at another level of enlightenment, you will be more sensitive to people, places, and energy around you.  They want you to avoid any harsh situations, relationships, or energy when possible.  This sensitivity is a form of protection for you, as the negative environments will be very difficult for you to endure being in for an extended period of time.  They also want you to know that the Divine has an infinite supply of all the things you need and many of the things you want, including finances, true friendships, and love.  You need only be ready and willing to receive it and it will be yours.  

Crystal Corner

Moldavite is a dark olive green crystal that is believed to have came from a giant meteorite that hit Earth.  Moldavite is a great protection stone as it is difficult for negative energies and entities to penetrate the aura of someone wearing or holding it.  It is also great to help you connect with Spiritual beings as it keeps away the darker or negative Spiritual beings. It is a very high vibrating stone and when you first start using it, it's a good idea to use it in short intervals until you get used to its vibration. Some people may feel an intense heat or dizziness when they first start using it. Moldavite is great for removing blockages from chakra and aligning them.  Like other green stones, it works well with the heart chakra.

Upcoming Events
I am available for readings online, by phone, video chat, and in person at my office or at events.

In Person Readings at Events:

Sip 'n Shop with Psychics
Wednesday, August 15th from 5 PM - 8PM
Courtyard By Marriott
1251 Hurffville Rd 
Deptford, NJ 08096

Woodbridge Psychic Fair
Saturday, August 18th  from 11 AM - 5 PM
The Club at Woodbridge
585 Main Street
Woodbridge, NJ

Afternoon of Healings & Readings with Eileen Toth & Margaret Phillips
Sunday, August 26th 19th from 1 PM- 5 PM
Sei Jun Kan Okinawan Karate Studio
201 Kresson Gibbsboro Road
Voorhees, NJ
Call (856)449-9099 to schedule a reading or tuning fork healing for this event

Sip 'n Shop with Psychics
Wednesday, August 29th from 5 PM - 8PM
Courtyard By Marriott
1251 Hurffville Rd
Deptford, NJ 08096

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