Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Tears and What They Really Mean

     Life can be overwhelming at times.  Family stress, work stress, financial stress all can take their toll. Sometimes when the pressure builds too much, we may feel like we want to scream. Sometime we feel like we want to cry or may even cry. 
    Most of us have been led to believe that crying is a form of weakness. When the tears flow, we may tell ourselves to stop crying or even reiterate to ourselves that crying is a sign of weakness.  
     If we are able to hold the tears back through the big trials, we may think we are weak, stupid, or crazy when the tears come when something which we believe should be insignificant forces the tears out. I believe in the adage, "There's no sense crying over spilled milk;" however, I also know most of the time the tears that come when milk is spilled isn't about the milk at all. It's usually about something bigger or even multiple larger things that you have been trying to handle. The something bigger may be things going on in your life currently, it may be from unresolved trauma, or it may be a combination of both.
     Some people only cry when the big trials come. There are other people whose tears come either for the small things or for multiple things. My point is no matter when the tears come, tears are NOT a sign of weakness, being crazy, stupid, or incapable of handling things. I am a firm believer of the quote, "tears are a sign of being too strong for too long."  So when you find yourself in tears, evaluate the situation and see if there is anything that needs to be addressed and address it if needed. Sometimes life hands us a lot to deal with and we just need to cry and that's okay.
     Remember: even Superheroes cry sometimes. :) Tears are not about weakness, but about releasing emotions that need to be released. Usually releasing the tears alleviates the pressure cooker feeling, so allow your release valve to open so you can have less stress and more peace. Don't worry about being strong for another person or how you think someone may perceive your behavior; just allow yourself to feel and express your emotions as they come, whatever and whenever they may be. 
Love & Light,
Margaret Phillips

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