Friday, February 15, 2019

February Newsletter

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     Too often the pressures of life can make us feel like we have to make a decision right now/in a short amount of time. When we feel like we have tried multiple solutions and multiple avenues to solutions, but still don't feel we have the right answer, this is when the Angels are saying "Stop!" 
    Sometimes we feel like we are bombarded with information and maybe we are, but we still don't have the right information yet.  Usually it's a lack of having the right information that causes our confusion and indecisiveness. When this happens, rather than researching and getting even more unnecessary information, just stop and ask the Angels to put the right information in front of you and guide you to the right way.  They are anxiously waiting to help, but need you to ask.  Once you ask, be still and wait. Your answers will come.

Message from the Angels

The Angels want you to trust your intuition more often. They say you have been ignoring it and them when they try to tell you things are not the way they should be. They say to trust your intuition and their guidance as you go through this period of change and transition and all will be well. Lean on those you consider to be trustworthy friends during this time as well.  The Angels say the key words here are trustworthy friends, as you do have some wolves in sheep's clothing in your circle. Again, listen to your intuition when deciding who is trustworthy.  As you listen to and follow your intuition more, your transition will flow easier. 

Crystal Corner

Bloodstone is a great for purifying the blood, regulating blood flow, aids in circulation, and increases energy. It is an excellent grounding and protection stone and heightens intuition. It can reduce irritability and aggressiveness.

Did you know?

     I have a Facebook group called Angels Of Light.  Members of this group get a weekly in depth general card reading, channeled daily mantras or affirmations, Angel information, crystal information, Spirit Animal information, and other information to help you on your journey, as well as early bird opportunities for promotions and other goodies.  The members of this group are awesome people and very supportive of one another, so it gives you a place to share your triumphs and ask for support when needed as well.  For an annual energy exchange of only $20, you can be part of this awesome group! Go to Facebook and put "Angels of Light"in the search bar and click on "request to join". You will be prompted to enter your email address so an invoice can be sent to you for the energy exchange.

Upcoming Events

I am available for readings online, by phone, video chat, and in person at my office or at events.

In Person Readings at Events:

Tuesday, March 5th from 6 PM - 9 PM
Sip 'N shop with Psychics
The Mile Pub
212 N. Black Horse Pike Runnemede, NJ

Sunday, March 10th 10 AM - 6 PM
Psychic & Healing Expo
Holiday Inn
2175 Marlton Road West (Route 70) Cherry HIll, NJ 

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