Tuesday, September 4, 2018

What do you see?

When you look in the mirror, do you see your physical self or feel your spiritual self?
For decades I would see my physical self or what my mind told me was my physical self. My father always belittled and abused me growing up to the point I had no self esteem. I remember at 15 years old being 5'10 and 110 pounds thinking and seeing in my altered view in the mirror that I was fat, just as my Dad had told me too many times to count. Believe it or not, when the pictures below were taken, my mind allowed me to only see the distorted view of an obese, miserable person. I was definitely miserable, but not obese.

I felt obese and miserable for a long time until as an adult I decided I was tired of hating myself. I began to look for the good things about myself. It was not an easy or quick process, but I overcame my need for others approval. When I was able to see my spiritual self and see my goodheartness, I no longer cared what others thought about me or how others felt I looked.
This was very important to discover in my early 20s as I had 2 car accidents in my 20s that left me mostly bedridden for months and caused me to gain a lot of weight. Divine timing was definitely at work because had I not had changed before those accidents, I can't imagine and don't want to think about what could have became of me.
Nowadays, if I decide to change something up and get a new haircut or even color my hair, it is a method of pampering myself, not trying to look better for others or for myself. I am happy with how I look because I mostly see my spiritual self and focus on that vision, not my physical self. I know the physical (more healthy) side of me will come when the timing is right as I continue to move forward with life changes on a Divine timeline, not a human timeline. Nowadays, the smile that rarely was seen when I was a teenager, flourishes.
If you are struggling with self esteem issues due to how you were treated in the past, know you can change how you see yourself. You can see yourself for the beautiful person you are! If you need help with that, please take advantage of my life coaching and/or hypnotherapy sessions or find someone who resonates with you to help you, No one deserves to be miserable when it comes to how they feel about themselves.


  1. This is great, honey!!
    We all are a work in progress, I so agree our souls our beautiful 💖