Tuesday, June 19, 2018

No Time For Tears

Don’t cry girl, there is not time for tears now.
The world has knocked you down,
But you must get up and brush yourself off.
The tears will have to wait.
You have things to do,
Responsibilities you must tackle.
The pain inside, must be pushed down,
Down deep until you can weep.  
Later you can let your tears mix with the water from your shower,
Or let them dampen your pillow as you drift off to sleep.
Right now, there is no time for tears.
No time to let worry become major fears.
Take your sorrow, put it in a box.
The sorrow can’t become one of your blocks.
Take a deep breath.
The pain is only temporary though it burns deep.
You know the solution is coming,
As long as your path you keep.  
You know it will get better,
So don’t allow the sadness into depression to seep.
You are loved.
The Angels stand by your side,
Waiting for that Divine moment,
To bless you with the solution.  
Don’t allow your negativity to turn into mind pollution.
Focus on love and light,

Everything will be alright.

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