Saturday, March 24, 2018

Come Out of the Darkness

  Anyone who has truly walked through the darkness will tell you it can ban be a horrible, all encompassing place. The darkness will try to take over your very soul. As long as there is a glimmer of hope and light somewhere inside of you, you can walk out of the darkness a strong person with a lesson learned.
The darkness will tell you that you are alone. Darkness will say "No one cares." Darkness will provide you with a multitude of supporting arguments with what seems to be proof that not only does no one care, that life is not worth living. It is during these times, you must hold onto that light of hope within you. The light of hope that comes from knowing you were created by the Divine and you have a purpose for being here.
When darkness enters your soul, it does so a little at a time, sneaking in, unbeknownst to you and probably others. It can start as something small, like being very angry at someone who has wronged you. It can starts as something big, such as from being abused. The longer that anger goes unresolved, the longer those wrongs are allowed to continue, the more abuse you endure, the more darkness creeps inside your soul. One day you look at the shell of what's left of the person you used to be and you wonder how you got to this place. You may wonder how to get yourself out of here, or by the time you realize you are no longer you, you may have given up hope that there is a way out.
Do NOT allow the darkness to win. There is a way out. You can get through the darkness and come into the light, no matter what you have endured or how hopeless you currently feel. The love of the Angels will lead you out of the darkness, just as it has me. No matter what horrors you have been through and/or are going through, you can be healed. You can walk with your head held high, knowing you are a creation of the Divine and you have a purpose here. You need not know at this moment what your purpose is, just know that you have one that is yet to be fulfilled or you would not be here at this moment. Call on the Angels to allow you to see and feel their love and light and ask them to show you the way through the darkness. They have been with you and will continue to be with you on your journey through the darkness. They have been waiting for you to ask for their help as they cannot interfere with free will. Ask for their help now so you can exit the darkness. Remember they will not drop you, all will be well, and you can get through this. May the Angels shine their light of hope and love on you always.
Margaret Phillips

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