Wednesday, August 23, 2017

August 2017 Newsletter

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Message from the Angels

The Angels want to remind you to ground yourself. Remember to take time out of your schedule to allow yourself to be one with nature and to allow yourself time to just be in meditation.  When you ground yourself through meditation, especially if you are using something from nature in your meditation (crystals count as well as most are made from the earth), it allows your spirit and physical body to connect together on a higher level.  The angels want you to also release the challenges that have been in front of you lately.  As you release these challenges to the Angels, they will take them and lighten your burdens that are related to them.  The Angels want you to remember they are faithfully working by your side to help the produce the best possible outcomes for you in all situations.  Listen to their guidance and ask for them to give you added strength when you need it.
  Crystal Corner
red tigers eye.jpg  Red Tiger’s Eye is great for self esteem, motivation, enhances confidence, energizes someone who feels lethargic, and can bring passion into your projects.  Red Tiger’s eye is also good to support a more active sex drive or resolve sexual issues causing problems in a relationship.  It can also speed up metabolism.  It help balance yourself when you are doing energy work and like all tiger’s eye is a great protector stone.

Upcoming Events

Psychic & Healing Expo
Holiday Inn in Cherry Hill
2175 Marlton Pike West Cherry Hill, NJ
Sunday, September 10th from 10 AM - 6 PM

Woodbridge Psychic Fair
525 Barron Avenue
Woodbridge, NJ
Saturday, September 16th 11AM - 5 PM

Point Pleasant Psychic Fair
Point Pleasant Elks Lodge
820 Arnold Avenue Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

Saturday, September 23rd Noon- 5 PM

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